Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is There Such a Thing as a Cheap Giver?

Last week I queried my friends about the concept of giving. My question was, "What are your thoughts on someone who professes to have a lot of money, but proceeds to give cheap gifts?" I got a gamut of comments and opinions ranging from "be thankful for whatever it is you receive, big or small" to "people who give stingily are also stingy in heart". Whatever the circumstance you are in: whether you had a lean year and had to tighten up on the monetary "value" of the gifts you gave or you have an amazing bank account that never depletes, I believe giving is a state of the heart.

It seems that the word "give" itself connotes generosity. One definition I found states [that to give is] "to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation". Synonyms that come to mind are: "bestow", "present", "offer", "provide". These words certainly convey an attitude of generosity. The thesaurus shows the word "generous" to mean "big-hearted", "giving". Wow! 

So is there such a thing as a "cheap" giver? Not really, if the "giver" is really giving with the fullest intention of what that word truly means. My take is that if you are not generous to give, or you give only to those whom you find "favorable", then you should not give at all. You are not a giver, you are a show-off with your money. It is an insult, an slap in someone's face to give without a "big heart". One of my respondents said,"If you give without really caring for that person, you might as well give them a box of poo". My, well-said....