Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Rules

#1 - Don't chase after clients.  Let them come to you - but do your due diligence.  Market, promote, publicize through press releases, media outreach, word of mouth.  But let it flow - no one wants the annoying door-to-door-like tactic, which makes potential customers and clients want to close the blinds and hide.  Give your pitch and follow up; give your pitch and follow up.  If they want you, they will  search you out. 
#2 - Develop a strong brand.  Make it a household name.  It doesn't mean sticking a bumper sticker with your logo on every available space in your community.  Your brand should be clever, easily rolls off the tongue, and makes people want to ask.  Make sure your brand connects you to who you are.  For example, if you're a prim and proper kind of gal, your potential client-base will not get it if your branding is all tattoo, street-taggers, gangsta - you get the drift.  Your brand needs to match you.  
#3 - Follow up no more than twice.  If they haven't called you back after your second call, move on!  I had a potential tell me profusely that she would call me for some P.R. work.  She even gave me a specific date.  I thought my phone was broken on the day she said she would call me.  I called back the next day and left a message.  No return call.  I got the message - she was not serious about hiring me, so I moved on.  If a client wants you, they will make sure to connect with you - no matter what. 
#4 - Stay connected with the people that matter.  Not with a heart of "what will you do for me?" but knowing that you have something to offer, and something to learn - ALWAYS!  I have a network of friends who range from musicians, stay-at-home moms with businesses, writers, and corporate dwellers.  They all offer something unique based on their backgrounds, and I don't hesitate to ask for advice and insight.  Variety is truly the spice of life, and a broad knowledge base demonstrates your keenness to learn and grow with your business.   
#5 - Have a heart of excellence.  If you aim toward being excellent, then the art of being detail-oriented, excellent follow-through, and care for your clients will be a natural outcome.  Before you know it, your reputation will precede you, and projects will come looking for you.

Launch and Learn

Welcome to my Blogging On High Heels!  This journey has been amazing, and I continue to be excited about my new venture and where my Heels are leading me.  As many of you know, I launched On High Heels recently - just about a month ago, to be exact.  But the concept of On High Heels has been in my heart and mind for the past year.  My decision to finally go all-out was the thought that kept ringing through my mind, "Doing nothing nets you nothing".  And that is such a true and wise statement.  Like a person ready to dive off a cliff, I just stood on the edge, closed my eyes, and launched On High Heels with a huge leap and bound! 

I'm currently in "learn" and "self-teaching" mode.  One of the keys I've learned about doing something new is that there is always something new to learn.  An avid reader, I have spent a lot of hours reading others' blogs, P.R. tips, launch stories, and business tips.  My Heels are walking one step at a time, and I'm thoroughly enjoying this journey.  So please partner with me, read my blogs, "like" me, recommend me, and/or subscribe to me.  Oh! and should you or someone you know, need my services, by all means, On High Heels is here to serve you!