Saturday, October 30, 2010

Launch and Learn

Welcome to my Blogging On High Heels!  This journey has been amazing, and I continue to be excited about my new venture and where my Heels are leading me.  As many of you know, I launched On High Heels recently - just about a month ago, to be exact.  But the concept of On High Heels has been in my heart and mind for the past year.  My decision to finally go all-out was the thought that kept ringing through my mind, "Doing nothing nets you nothing".  And that is such a true and wise statement.  Like a person ready to dive off a cliff, I just stood on the edge, closed my eyes, and launched On High Heels with a huge leap and bound! 

I'm currently in "learn" and "self-teaching" mode.  One of the keys I've learned about doing something new is that there is always something new to learn.  An avid reader, I have spent a lot of hours reading others' blogs, P.R. tips, launch stories, and business tips.  My Heels are walking one step at a time, and I'm thoroughly enjoying this journey.  So please partner with me, read my blogs, "like" me, recommend me, and/or subscribe to me.  Oh! and should you or someone you know, need my services, by all means, On High Heels is here to serve you!  

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