Monday, March 7, 2011

Frustration Can Be Motivating

This has been a frustrating week. Writer's block. Idea drain. Entrepreneurial envy. Insecurity. 

Rather than trying to take these issues head-on, I had to step away - not send out pitches, not write down blog ideas, and not even read anybody's email newsletters and blogs. I had to take off my entrepreneurial hat for a little while.

Perhaps that is a female way to handle frustrations (versus men, who more likely would press through the wall of frustration, kick it down, and step over the rubble). But for the girl in me, I wasn't up for duking it out with Frustration.

So how did I alleviate this frustration? Alas, not with a pint of ice cream, nor a bubble bath, not even a glass of vino.

What did this On High Heeled chick do instead?

I got more frustrated!   

And began to imagine. To imagine life as a daily 9-to-5er, with a J-O-B as my major source of income for the rest of my life, dealing with:
  • having to play nice to a boss who would never teach me what he/ she knew so that I could be a leader in the organization
  • having to commute in the nightmarish L.A. traffic 
  • working really, really hard only to get that good ole' 3% merit increase at the end of the year
  • getting laid off (again)
  • being juggled about by the economy
  • getting a 1% merit increase because the company has to down-size (and yes, I have actually received a 1% increase while working in a major company)
Ummm - no thank you!

Like waking up from a nightmare, those "would-rathers" made me realize that the frustrations of being a woman entrepreneur, a solopreneur, to be exact, are motivating factors for me to press on and keep going!

There's nothing more reward than running a grueling marathon - and actually finishing! 

That is what I intend to do with On High Heels! Keep running the race, and fighting the good fight.

I want to someday look back at my legacy and see the steps of my high heels making giant leaps and bounds for women in business. 

Frustrated? That's a good thing. It can steer closer to your dreams and push your goals full steam ahead.

What about you? What do you do when challenges come along? What keeps you moving forward? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Right now as I transition from the "corporate" world into what will be my own entrepreneurial endeavor, I read a lot of positive motivators, such as yourself, and other coaches and entrepreneurs online, books, etc. It gets me pumped. When challenges come, I stay positive. I focus on what I did that was positive. (And stop saying "I'll try to do that" and say "I will do that!") Stay away from the negative. Surround yourself with people that support you and love you. I think the bumps on the way will be so worth following your passion. It's easy to jump into the "security" of a 9 to 5, but so hard to get out. Unless you're downsized again. :-)