Wednesday, December 22, 2010

6 Sure-fire Ways to Not Properly Launch (Your Business)

Not having a brand name that “clicks”.   The name of your business and logo should turn heads and make people notice and remember it. Creativity and cleverness are always stand-outs.

Not registering a domain name for your brand, name, and business.  Nab your name on the worldwide web before somebody else does.  This includes the name of your business and your personal moniker.

Not getting on the social media train.  Let’s face it, folks.  Social media is here to stay, and if you are not on at least the top 5 SM sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Foursquare), your business will trend backward instead of forward. 

Not knowing what you provide/ stand for.   It doesn’t have to be a brilliant idea, but you should be able to pitch in one succinct sentence what you provide.  And follow it up why we need it. 

Not widening your current network of friends and associates (see #3).   Learn quickly on that your friends and family are not going to be your clients or customers.  Friends and family are fine for your cell phone plan, but necessarily for your new venture.  The only way for the world to discover you is to get out there – and meet perfect strangers. 

Being a know-it-all and not being open to learn from the best/ your peers (or your competition).  Smart people (and successful people) will leverage off the knowledge (and success) of their predecessors.  The only way to learn and get better is from those who have already trod down the path of the initial launch.  

Keep in mind that as your business progresses and grows, you will need to make adjustments.  These basics will help you launch your business on the right path.  And be excited- this an amazing time in your life and the life of your business.  

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