Friday, December 31, 2010

My Look-Back to Look-Forward

Because Chris Brogan's Ending 2010 inspired me to write this:

Looking back at my experiences of 2010:
  • I rediscovered my "creative content" due to healing of some "stuff" in my life.
  • I dealt with being unemployed for 2 years.
  • But - unemployment pushed me toward launching On High Heels.
  • I learned that the steps to entrepreneurship can be terrifying, but oh-so worth it.
  • I've learned SO much from amazing SM & entrepreneur super-stars like Natalie Sisson, the Mashable crew, Liz Dennery Sanders, Melissa Cassera, Carol Roth, and just a whole host of inspiring people.
  • I am throwing aside the intimidation factor, and harnessing the power of belief (though that sounds cheesy).
Looking forward to 2011, I see:
  • Meeting more successful women (and men) entrepreneurs, and hearing their stories.
  • Learning and applying their techniques and knowledge - and then passing them on.
  • Gaining clients, building my business, and becoming more adept at what may well be the new model of business via social media.
  • Becoming more recognized in my local community as the go-to-girl for publicity, marketing, and coaching. 
  • Helping others believe in their creative content, and teaching them how to use it, show it, and make money from it.  
  • Growth in publicity for Camp Laurel and Platform Color Style Salon (for who I willingly and lovingly offer my pro bono PR services, simply because sometimes, it's just about loving what I do). 
I don't know about you, but the challenges (and heartaches) of the past few years, made me realize my mettle.  That I CAN walk "On High Heels", and that making a difference is what counts!


  1. Wow I love this positive energy and enthusiasm Donina and I'm touched to be mentioned as one of our top people you look to for inspiration.

    That totally makes my day. I can't wait to work with you and watch your progress to achieving the above in 2011!


  2. I believe in you 100% and look forward to seeing how God unravels both of our dreams this year. May our paths cross professionally and deepen our friendship. Love you big girl! xo, mary