Saturday, February 26, 2011

Get Rid of Dream-Killers

This week, be DELIBERATE about who you listen to you. Excuse yourself from those in your life who (discreetly) are not your fans or haven't given your new venture a high-5. 

Flood your mind with positive thoughts and with forward-moving people! 

Pursue your dreams ~~


  1. Donina - I love this (and people liked it when I posted it on Facebook, too)! I want to get rid of all of the dream killers in my life.

    Someone once told me to be careful who I share my dreams with. That was incredible advice. Since then, I've always been very careful; some people are not ready to hear it yet. Unintentionally, they can crush dreams without realizing it.

    It's harder when you're bursting to share something, but we all need to vet our close friends wisely and guard our hearts and dreams!


  2. Saw your post on facebook via BizChickBlogs and Girlfriend Getaways. Love your blog!

    Self Care Girl!/