Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Basics: Audience

I love Shakespeare plays. The language is so beautiful, the prose so elegant, and the circumstances grip your heart. Tragedy or comedy, one of the greatest things Shakespeare incorporated into his plays is when an actor speaks to the audience. This is always incorporated in a "soliloquy", and it is meant to pull the audience in and make them part of the action. This can be a fun element, because it may be a way to re-focus the audience to the stage, if perhaps they are drifting away. I am not an expert on Shakespeare or the theatre, but I do know that your audience can be a key to your success.

Know your audience - who they are, who you are addressing. Be familiar with them - know their needs, their wants. Customize your message to that audience, or your audience to your message. Kids' products will not garner attention if your target audience are tween-agers. Just like in my previous post on "Brands", setting up a tea and crumpettes booth at a punk rock show will only get you passers-by (and maybe a few snickers).  Focus on those who you know will want your product.

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