Monday, November 22, 2010

The Basics: Plan

This is a self-explanatory step that many people miss. In the rush to be part of the competition, many people skip the planning part and dive head-long into the fray. Just like a road map, your plan is your route from one starting point to the next objective. A plan sketches out your goals and helps to solidify your mission. Your plan does not have to be complicated - it can be as simple as outlining steps to get your business or product promoted. Will it be ad-driven? Or will you promote through word-of-mouth? How will you accomplish this? What steps will you take? A plan helps you to stay focused and committed to your business. Like a map, it is like a visual into the future of your business. And don't despair if you hit a few bumps on that proverbial road. Because you sketched out a plan, you, the map-maker can always make a few adjustments to get back on track. What is your plan?

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