Monday, November 1, 2010

Every Girl’s Must-Haves

Like the “must-haves” in your handbag, these “must-haves” are what every successful woman should employ and embody. From friends to fashion, they are essentials  that help create a well-rounded, strength-boosting lifestyle that everyone around you will crave!

A fab wardrobe. I don’t mean a closet full of Chanel or de la Renta (though that would be fabulous). It’s about having low to high-end pieces that work well together.  Always remember that you don’t need to go broke in order to have a strong wardrobe. Key pieces that are classic and timeless hold a lot of staying power in your closet – shoes, jackets, jeans and a couple of LBD’s can do the trick. No Rachel Zoe? Look at stylin’ women around you, or leaf through your favorite magazine to get some ideas.

Sense of style. Maybe this sounds a little redundant, but have you ever seen someone wearing a cute outfit, that somehow doesn’t match him or her? I call it a mannequin-dresser – buying exactly what the store mannequin is wearing and putting it on. Developing your own sense of style is not just the clothes but it’s an outward display of your personality, taste, and, yes, style. I have a gal pal who styles accessories like a true fashionista. Put away those sweatpants and put together an ensemble that captures you. You are your own advertisement.

Value. I dare say that some women’s “confidence” is really just bravado in disguise. A woman who values herself carries herself with poise. Valuing yourself – your gifts, talents, and contributions – naturally spills over into your wardrobe, your style, your work habits, and into your key relationships. A woman who values herself exudes true confidence.

Girlfriends. One of the first things we experience as little girls is the slumber party. It was a time of bonding: we gorged on junk, put on outrageous makeup, talked about boys, danced, and talked some more. Women’s friendships with each other are unlike any other. In the circle of girlfriends we laugh, cry and find support. A woman with a girlfriend(s) becomes more encouraging, courageous, and selfless because we learn from each other’s experiences. Girlfriends bloom like roses – in beautiful clusters.

Alone time. Every woman should experience being a solo-girl for at least a year. A woman who experiences being “alone” gains so much confidence and esteem in herself and her abilities. Being a single girl, I have reached some pretty cool “milestones”. I have changed my share of light bulbs in high ceilings, explained the funny noise to the mechanic, hauled my own luggage on and off a spinning airport carousel, and put together IKEA furniture with my own set of tools. Not that we don’t need help from time to time, but knowing that you can solve, repair and take care of some of life’s needs without calling on a man (dad, brother, or significant other) and still remain feminine and fabulous is pretty significant in my book!

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