Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stick to the Basics (sort of)

As a recent launcher, I am in the throes of learning from other uber bloggers and PR experts.  Whoever coined the phrase," the world is getting smaller" could not have imagined the trifecta of technology, communication and social media.  As I sift through what seems like tons of information on a daily basis, I wonder if there will ever be an over-saturation in media, marketing and PR.  Can I benefit from with the new modes of communication at this stage of the game?  How do I stand out from the crowd and get my message to my audience? 

It reminds me of my frustrations with algebra back in high school.  Whenever I came upon a formula or a problem that seemed impossible to solve, my teacher would tell me to start from the beginning, to remember the fundamentals.  This concept can be applied to media and public relations.  How do I reach my audience?  How can I get the media to perk up its ears?  How do I get the results I need for my client? 

Get back to the basics:
1) Goals
2) Audience
3) Plan
4) Execute

Perhaps these "basics" are not the basics for other entrepreneurs and social media pros, but they have helped me focus on my "to-do" list. 

Come back later as I explain in details these 4 "Basics". 

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